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  • Time : Monday-Friday : 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Phone : +255 629 587 064
  • Address : PO Box 181, Mazombe,Iringa-Tanzania


To become a successful high-value commercial model farm and a major driving force in social community development.


Our mission is to increase the productivity of farming in Tanzania, and thereby improve food security to help reduce rural poverty.

Core Values

-Result oriented

Our Commitment to the Environment

FFF is committed to practicing environmentally responsible farming to produce sustainably. We are climate-smart, we do conservation farming, we use renewable energy, we think green first in everything we do, and we are working closely with our community in practicing farming that has the best interests of the environment.

Who we are

With the mission to increase the productivity of farming in Tanzania and improve food security and nutrition as a way of helping to reduce rural poverty, Farm For the Future is running a 350 hectare farm of seed maize and macadamia nuts in Iringa, Tanzania.

Inclusivity of smallholder farmers and overall community empowerment remains central to Farm For the Future’s operating principles and success. This unique approach is implemented through the provision of agronomic training to neighboring communities. The initiative continues to promote social-economic inclusive growth by empowering smallholder farmers to shift from subsistence farming to formalized agribusiness.

In just five years, Farm For the Future has successfully developed a commercial farm which serves as a beacon for sustainable agricultural practices in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. This is a result of our investment in strategic partnerships with the government, the communities and the private sector. While doing this, we have constantly invested in human capital, soil health, improved seed, crop protection and conservation agriculture.

While we are relishing the success of our four start-up years growing commercial and seed maize. From last year our priority is on high value crops mainly macadamia and hybrid seed maize. To sustainably and profitably grow these high value crops, we have invested in irrigation agriculture by building a 480 ML dam and have installed irrigation systems for 120 ha seed maize. This is expected to boost production, increase the value of the land and significantly improve profitability

Company Profile

Hectare of farming land

Tonnes of maize produced

average daily of casual labor daily

local farmers trained on GAP

young mothers trained

families sponsored with milking goats

children sponsored

From Our Blog

Here is our weekly news, every event that occurs within a week will be found here.


As Farm For the Future, our success is measured by how we positively impact the agricultural sector in Tanzania, and how we succeed commercially. FFF through the Community empowerment organization, Agronomic for Community Empowerment (ACE) works on four community empowerment programs that aim at solving economic and social challenges facing the community.


Farmers For The Future Program

Developed with the goal of improving the productivity of the smallholder farmers through practical training, particularly on fertilizing, conservation farming, and GAP.

Farmers Program

Women For The Future Program

This program is aimed at empowering and increasing the employability of young mothers through theory, vocational training, and academic sponsorship of their children.

Women Program

The Goat Milk For Nutrition And Profit Program

A program that aims at fighting against poverty and improve health by providing people with milking goats for milk production.

Goat Program

Children's Farm Program

A program that offers a chance for children from primary schools in the 16 Villages around the farm, but also kindergartens and secondary schools, to connect with real-life agricultural experiences designed to ultimately nurture their interest in agriculture. The facilities will also be used for the Government's Building Better Tomorrow (BBT) program based on October 2023 agreements signed with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Children's Program