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  • Time : Monday-Friday : 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Phone : +255 629 587 064
  • Address : PO Box 181, Mazombe,Iringa-Tanzania

Q1. Is FFF a registered company?

Yes, FFF is registered in Tanzania with registration no 136366610

Q2. Where is the project located?

FFF is located in Ilula, Iringa, Tanzania, Africa.

Q3. What is the main business of FFF?

To grow 200 ha of irrigated maize seed for SeedCo and 69ha macadamia nuts for the export market.

Q4. When are rains normally received?

December - May of each year receives an average rainfall of 1,000mm.

Q5.What is the cultivation system practiced?

FFF practices climate-smart sustainable agriculture. FFF invested in a no-till tractor-drawn planter, rips the land once in 5 years and currently incorporates organic manure to cut down on future inorganic fertilizer requirements.

Q6. Does FFF have off-taker agreements?

FFF and SeedCo have signed a long term seed production contract of which SeedCo buys all the produced maize seeds from FFF at agreed prices. For macadamia a long term off-taker agreement is started with a MOU.

Q7. Which investments have been taken up to date?

Start ups costs, a 480ML earth dam, 120ha irrigation system, gravity line, headquarter buildings,3 tractors, two planters (one pression planter), Ripper, disc harrow, fertilizer spreader, drone for crop protections 3 million USD.

Q8. Can the dam capacity be increased?

Yes, by increasing the height of the wall by 2m, the capacity of the dam will be doubled. The foundation has taken this future expansion into consideration. There is a gravity pipeline from a neighboring farm to secure enough water. FFF will also do investigations for drilling for water in the macadamia plots to increase the wateravailability.

Q9. What other opportunities exist within FFF investments?

1. 250 beehives with a capacity of selling 2,500L of honey and 300 kg of beeswax with an annual turnover of over USD 15,000.
2. The dam has an initial Tilapia bream and bubble fish stock of 70,000 and 10,000 respectively. 30MT fish will be sold locally annually, generating USD 100,000.
3. Double cropping - planting peas in winter as a cover crop in line with Conservation farming practices done at FFF. Green peas have a good market in Tanzania.
4. Lease/buy more land from neighbors around FFF and grow our business like we do by leasing 100 ha land close to our dam, for farm expansion with pivot no 3 for maize seed
5. Do contraction work for medium size local farmers to utilize FFF equipment and start mechanization for them.

Q10. The relationship between FFF and ACE?

With a signed MOU, ACE is a community empowerment arm of FFF. A registered NGO working on the same arena area with FFF as part of the FFF unique model.

Q11. What regular reporting do I get as a shareholder?

Weekly news update, quarterly and audited financial reports.