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  • Time : Monday-Friday : 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Phone : +255 629 587 064
  • Address : PO Box 181, Mazombe,Iringa-Tanzania

Executive summary

Farm For the Future Tanzania Limited (FFF) started in April 2018 with the registration number 136366610, is a high value crop farm, producing maize seeds and macadamia nuts. Located in the Iringa region in Tanzania, with the size of 350 ha of cultivating land. 250 ha long term leased from the Ilula Orphan Program (IOP) and 100 ha from St Felix Institution (under a Roman Catholic church).

The FFF project focuses on two main bottom lines, Commercial farming and Community empowerment to address the problem of food insecurities in Africa, end poverty, and establish good nutrition standards.

By October 2022, FFF has invested in a 480ML earth dam to grow high-value crops namely Seed Maize and Macadamia.Seed maize is grown under the center pivot overhead system. Currently 2 towable pivots have been installed covering 60 ha each making a total of 120 ha of land under irrigation.

The farm operation has the following priorities:

  • Soil testing and analysis.
  • Liming/fertilizing based on the results as shown on a computerized soil map.
  • A conservation farming practice that rips the land regularly to absorb the maximum amount of rain
  • Rainwater dam irrigation.
  • World class farm equipment for low production costs and maximum yield.

The farm concentrates to build up the best knowledge and equipment to be very good in production. Seed maize, macadamia and seed potatoes are sold in long term offtake agreements. Pivot no 3, a towable pivot of 40 x 2 = total 80 ha of leased land close to the dam, is planned to be installed by October 2024, bringing the total irrigated Maize Seed area to be 200 ha. SeedCo Tanzania has committed to finance this strategic project and at the same time be the off-taker of the produce. A pilot 1.4ha of Macadamia planted in September 2022 is growing well. An additional 68ha will be planted in December 2023. By 2027 Macadamia will be at 50% production and full production by 2031. At full production, the 69ha Macadamia will gross over $870,000.

Legal Structure

FFF is a private limited company established under Tanzanian law April 2018. It had 400,000 shares, and FFF Board on March 5th, 2021 agreed to an equity build up plan which included issuing and selling 150,000 new shares. Following this decision, FFF now has a total of 640,000 shares.

FFF now has its Headquarter on their own land at Image. Farm no 12 Image BLOCK – AT IMAGE (4 ha) from June 17th 2021.FFF signed a long-term lease agreement with Ilula Orphan Program ( IOP), to lease the 250 ha land (Farm no 11 Image – earlier Farm no 1) for 20 years (with an automatic 19-year renewal)on April 2nd, 2020. At the same time an MOU was signed for FFF to buy 4.3 ha of land under and around the headquarters and the milking station buildings.

As of February 2023 IOP Board and FFF have agreed to extend the leasing period to 65 years.
FFF in April 2023, leased another 100 ha of Farm No 2 from St Felix Institution (under a Roman Catholic church) for 30 years. Now in total FFF is leasing a total of 350 ha of land from the two organizations.

Company Profile Business Plan

Hectare of farming land

Tonnes of maize produced

average daily of casual labor daily

local farmers trained on GAP

young mothers trained

families sponsored with milking goats

children sponsored

Chairman's statement:

“We started FFF to demonstrate that it was possible to develop a commercial farm in Tanzania. As a volunteer, I had the time, the network, good facilities management background, but mostly the passion to establish a model that can bring people out of poverty by doing commercial farming and community empowerment in the same arena. FFF and its community empowerment organization (ACE), will empower the community to a better nutrition standard, not just that, but also give some sustainable income to the land owner and shareholder Ilula Orphan Program (IOP). Developing countries need engines like FFF that have commercial thinking and community development both as their bottom lines.”

Osmund Ueland, FFF Chairperson and Project Manager.