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  • Time : Monday-Friday : 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Phone : +255 629 587 064
  • Address : PO Box 181, Mazombe,Iringa-Tanzania

Seed Maize

In July 2022, Farm For The Future entered into a long-term strategic contract with Seed Co Tanzania as the off-taker of the maize seed produced at FFF farm. Seed Co is the leading certified seed company in Africa.
For many years Tanzania has been importing improved maize seeds hybrids at a very high cost. FFF is devoted to producing quality maize seed, under advanced mechanization and expertise.


Macadamia nuts

FFF this coming rain season will have 69 ha of macadamia trees. The global macadamia nut market has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 2.95 billion by 2028. Currently, the global demand for macadamia nuts surpasses the supply. The biggest market for Macadamia nuts is in the USA, China, Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and others.

Macadamia crop will be intercropped with seed maize and other crops like sugar beans and other edible leguminous cover crops to ensure a steady income flow during the waiting period of 4 years. (the legumes have will protect the solid improve soil healt, fixing nutrients in the soil for the benefits of the macadamia crop.


The farm is planning to grow legumes in the non irrigated areas and also intercrop with macadamia in the first 4 years of macadamia growth when canopy cover can still allow intercropping. Legumes provide additional income, as well as fixing nitrogen in the soils and hence have a complementary effect in the production cycle.

FFF has entered into an agreement with an offtaker to grow seed potatoes.


Other Products

The farm is planning to expand on the fish and beekeeping projects. The bee keeping project aim is to complement the pollination of the macadamia crops



As Farm For the Future, our success is measured by how we positively impact the agricultural sector in Tanzania, and how we succeed commercially. FFF through the Community empowerment organization, Agronomic for Community Empowerment (ACE) works on four community empowerment programs that aim at solving economic and social challenges facing the community

  • Farmers for the Future program.
  • Women for the Future program.
  • The Goat milk for Nutrition and Profit program.
  • Children`` Farm program.

Yara Knowledge Center

FFF in collaboration with key commercial partners, Yara Tanzania and Seed Co Tanzania Ltd agreed to establish a Yara Knowledge Center with a vision to strengthen food system resilience and improve smallholder farmers' productivity. The mission of this Knowledge Center is to establish a unique multi-stakeholder agricultural platform that uses advanced technology, skills, and knowledge fundamental to improving smallholder productivity & profitability. The Yara Knowledge Center is an available platform for smallholder farmers in the Southern region of Tanzania.

All programs are built up around:



We are growing seed potatoes as part of our priority to produce food and be a seed farm. The market is growing, and we have the partnership of Silverland as our offtaker. We also grow potatoes for commercial purposes in addition to seed production.



Our soil rotation plan includes growing beans. Currently, there is a growing market for bean seeds, which we will take advantage of. We plan to become a leader in seed production.