Farm For the Future has a dual mission and bottom-line. Oursuccess is measured as much by how wepositively impact the agricultural sector in Tanzania, as how wesucceed commercially. Farm For the Future has successfully formed strong partnerships with the government, investors and the communities leading to development of a commercial farm which serves as a beacon of best agricultural practices designed to be replicated across the country. Based on this rationale, we practically deliver agricultural and positivetransformations on people’s lives.

FFF has several initiatives that aim to enhance the local agricultural value chains and enrich people’s lives. We believe it is vital that the local community sees that their efforts are part of a value chain and that they have the opportunities, if appropriate, to participate in other parts of this chain. This effort is in line with the Government of Tanzania’s desire to move the country progressively away from subsistence farming. These programs have been designed to fight poverty and enhance the status of nutrition.

These Community Development projects include: F20 Women for the future, F20 Goat Milk for Nutrition and Profit, F20 Group Farming, F20 Farmers for the future, Youth for the future, Children’s Farm at FFFand Nutrition in all Programs.

Implementation of four programs, namely F20 Women for the Future, Farmers for the Future, F20 Group Farming, F20 Goat Milk For Nutrition and Profit started in 2020. We are seeking partners to be able to sustainably implement the remaining programs.

In addition to this, FFF has established the“Agronomic for Community Empowerment” (ACE). This is organization is a vehicle for all FFF community empowerment activities.

Women for the future:

Is a special three-year development program for young mothers which aims at empowering and increasing employability of young mothers through theory and vocational training. In this program young mothers are trained in horticulture, nutrition, poultry, business/entrepreneurship, self-awareness, gender issues and legal rights. Also training in communication, network and strategy are included. In this program we have 30 young single mothers whereby 10 are from pilot program 1 and 20 from program 2.

F20 Goat Milk for Nutrition and Profit

This is a two years program and the second priority chosen program by village leaders. The program has two main overall goals and these are; Fight against poverty and improving health. 20 farmers have been selected from two villages 10 from Masukanzi, and 10 from Ikokoto, Construction of good standard goat shed and training of the farmers was done before the official opening February 12th 2021.

F20 Group Farming

This is the program of mechanizing medium sized farms; the target group are medium sized farmers (4.5 Ha). The main aim of the program is to increase productivity and quality of the farming to facilitate an increase in production of food and raising farmer income through good agricultural practices (GAP). Farming equipment package for the program is being put together for the program to kick-off in August 2021.

Farmers for the future

Is the special program for smallholder farmers which aims at improving productivity of the smallholder farmers through practical training, particularly on fertilizing, conservation farming, and GAP .The program also aims to facilitate linkages with markets and supports them with storage facilities to mitigate post-harvest losses. Currently we focus on production of maize with demo plots in 16 Villages neighboring FFF. Each demo plot also has a home garden corner designed to improve nutrition at each household.

Youth for the future

Is a special program that aim at empowering youth in agriculture to boost their employability throughout the value chain of agriculture from farming up to value addition of agricultural produce through processing. With the commercial farm and the ongoing training program, FFF provides a unique platform for enhancing knowledge and skills as well as mentorship in agriculture. We have temporary facilities in place and we are seeking partners to be able to sustainably run the program. Establishment of Training Center at FFF with accommodation is a priority investment.

Children’s Farm at FFF

This is a special program which offers a chance for children starting from Kindergarten to Primary schools the chance to connect with real-life agricultural experiences designed to ultimately nurture their interest in agriculture. There will be a special program in which school-children will visit the farm twice a year and spend two full days to take part and learn about agriculture. Those that are interested are welcome to visit the children farm during weekends with their parents.

Nutrition in all Programs

The program includes educating, training and assisting to improve livelihoods and nutrition status. This program is an important module in all programs with the primary objective to enhance health in the area through better nutrition. This is done through knowledge sharing on modern nutritional practices to promote behavior change.