FFF optimized the equipment needed, after Kavli Trust came into the project with the 460.000 USD in February 2018. The heavy equipment that was bought was chosen in order to be profitable as early as possible, and also to do planting and other activities more efficiently. 

Originally the Business plan from 2017 said two 75 HP and a big tractor with a Subsoiler should be hired for a short period in the beginning for soil preparation. After the consultancy agreement with the Rutuba Farm, this was changed to one 95 hp and one JD195 that can be available all the time and use the right equipment for a farm of this size to be profitable as soon as possible. This upgrade of equipment costed some 100.000 USD more than indicated in the “old Business plan”.

The JCB machine bought from Clinton Foundation, arrived on site June 14th, 2018 and started the operation of uprooting the trees on the 15th of June 2018. At first there was an understanding for renting the machine for 3 months, but after Clinton Foundation decided to sell all their equipment in a very short time, we agreed to buy the JCB. The machine is also part of the Business opportunities for FFF.

A Casa 95 hp tractor was bought in October 2019, after having used a JD 75 given by IOP USA to FFF in 2017. This tractor was later reallocated to IOP.

The big Planter from Clinton Foundation arrived on site mid-July 2018. 

A 11-ton trailer bought from Clinton Foundation arrived on site mid-July 2018.

The big John Deere 195 (used 640 hrs.), a new Subsoiler that fit the big tractor, a second-hand good Sprayer and a second hand 30 KW Generator, arrived in Dar September 8.  The container from UK are used as a workshop on the farm. The container was bought for two reasons, to speed up the clearance in the Dar harbor, and because a workshop is needed on site for some important tools.

Farm equipment needed from August 1. 2020 are, maize shopper, one more 95 hp tractor, 8 tones trailer and one another sprayer.

As part of the Community Development program, FFF are in the process to seek a loan on special condition from TADB, to buy a package of equipment (see illustration below) to help medium farmers (5 – 8 ha) to commercial successes. A good driver and an agronomist will be part of the service FFF will offer to a group of 20 medium farmers. This project is called F20 group Farming. Those 20 farmers shall be very committed, be willing to open their farm to others to learn and be in short distance from FFF.