FFF is a commercial company with a mission to deliver profitable growth and value to its shareholders. It also has an equally important mission to help the development of agriculture in the region. The main business plan outlines each business line currently under consideration by the management of FFF. Some of these business lines exist primarily because they support the development mission of FFF. This current presentation focusses only on those business lines that help FFF achieve commercial success.

Commercial success is obviously important in its own right, but it also underpins the development mission as well. However, it is important to note that some investors and donors are providing funding for certain business lines that are related to community development programs and would not provide these funds otherwise. These exceptions are acceptable.
In the past six months FFF has carried out detailed investigations into two crops in particular: Seed Maize and Macadamia nuts. By 2023, according to the business plan seed maize will account for over 70% of FFF revenue 60% of gross profit. As the macadamia trees mature and start to produce nuts, the revenue and gross profit from these quickly surpasses that from seed maize and eventually dominates. By the end of the 15-year period outlined in the business plan, these 2 crops will account for 82% of the revenue and 87% of the gross profit.

Viewed from this perspective, FFF is then a project to build up, over the coming years, a farm based on 2 main crops which will in due course become very profitable. Of course, FFF will need to plant commercial maize and sunflower and engage in other activities to ensure cash flow until these two main crops are established and to meet its development goals. However, the management of FFF understands that the organization must be focused overwhelmingly on Seed Maize and Macadamia.