FFF is delighted to welcome Kibebe Farm in Iringa as a partner. Kibebe Farm is a leading dairy farm in the region with 500 milking cows. Their expertise will guide FFF in its development of the dairy side of the farm.

The plan is to start with 30 cows, and build up to 100, with an eventual target of 200 within 5 years’ time.

A milking station, with the necessary back up facilities will be installed in the middle of the farm, with good access to grazing land.

We also plan to install a “Milk Training Station” in collaboration with ASAS dairies in Iringa.

In addition, we will have 50 goats on the farm


Quality meat will be an important product on the farm when the milking part has been built up.

In the beginning, 10 % of the animals will be for meat production.

One of the biggest Shareholders, the Norwegian Prima Group, will, together with Kibebe Farm, assist in building up quality meat production.