Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the productivity of farming in Tanzania and hence improve food security and nutrition and help reduce rural poverty. We do this by running a commercial farm which serves as a beacon for best practice agriculture in Tanzania. In parallel, we work every day to spread best practice throughout the farming community. We are guided by the priorities of the Tanzanian government as expressed in the Agricultural Sector Development Program (Phase II). FFF is fully aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals and with the development plan of, amongst others, the Norwegian Government. FFF has the strong support of the Tanzanian government. We are proud to have both the Kilolo District commissioner and the Regional commissioner of Iringa on our advisory board. Please see the recent statement of commitment issued by that Board. This unique approach means that we have a double bottom line: commercial success and development of the community.

Our Vision

Everyone, from tractor driver to board member, involved in the organization shares a passion for our vision. Every decision is judged on how it moves the organization towards close to its vision.

Development of the community

We envision Tanzania as a middle income country by 2025 where the scourge of poverty has been left behind and Tanzanians have a high quality livelihood and live in peace, stability and unity. Our vision is a community that is well governed, is educated and enjoys the fruits of a competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits. Specifically, our vision is for an agricultural sector that is sustainable and modern. We envision a Tanzania with high food security and a well-nourished population. Our vision is for an agricultural sector that produces for the market, uses best farming practices including irrigation and has a focus on high value crops.


Our vision if for a commercially successful, modern, innovative farming business that produces impressive value for its shareholders. Our vision is for many farms each delivering commercial success. Our vision is for a particular focus on high value crops for the Tanzanian and foreign markets.

Our Values

  • Commitment.
  • Responsibility.
  • Result oriented

To live the values is part of the contract with our employees. We also aim to find partners and suppliers that have the same priorities.

These values are the same for the commercial farm (FFF T Ltd) and the training part (ACE). Results are very important for both.