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Sunflower Luxemburg is a Diamond Shareholder in FFF

Tom O’Dea Managing Director,  Sunflower Montessori states

We passionately believe that education is the surest route out of poverty for the people of Tanzania. We also believe that education begins at birth and continues throughout a lifetime.

 Farm for the Future aims to educate the entire community in the subject of agriculture and sustainability. Children from the Sunflower primary school, young mothers, farmers and many more will as a result of this education become more knowledgeable about this vital subject and therefore better able to fend for themselves and build a more prosperous community. 

 We are very impressed with the leadership team of FFF and it was for us a logical decision to become a shareholder. We look forward to watching our investment grow and more importantly to witnessing the profoundly positive effect we expect FFF to have in the community”


Up to December 31. 2020


FFF has 400,000 issued shares registered in Brela, each with a value of 10,000 TZS. (4.34 USD*). Thus, a total equity of 1,737,000 USD.

By April 07th2020, the shares are owned as follows:

Ilula Orphan Program: 160,000 shares which represent 40 % of the total 400,000 shares

Other shareholders:       95,000 shares which represent 23.75 % of total

FFF – for sale:                145,000 shares which represent 36.25 % of total

Alternative number of shares:

  • 25 % Shareholder: 100.000 shares, NOK 4.000.000, or 400.000 USD (maximum)
  • 10 % Shareholder: 40.000 shares, NOK 1.600.000 or USD 160.000 USD 
  • DIAMOND 10000 SHARES, 10000 TZ each total 400 000 NOK or 40.000 USD
  • GOLD 5000 SHARES, total 200.000 NOK or 20.000 USD 
  • SILVER 1000 SHARES, total 40.000 NOK or 4.000 USD
  • BRONZE 1 to 999 SHARES, 40 NOK, or 4 USD each                  


Our vision if for a commercially successful, modern, innovative farming business that produces impressive value for its shareholders. Our vision is for many farms each delivering commercial success. Our vision is for a particular focus on high value crops for the Tanzanian and foreign markets.

FFF is a business model for Poverty eradication, and also a social support to the local community.

Through the business success expected by focusing on high value crops FFF will provide valuable employment opportunities in the local area. These will be seasonal workers but also full-time good jobs. FFF is already providing an average of 50 jobs.

FFF’s various outreach programs will bring real value to the local community, helping local farmers to become profitable and thus raising living standards. These commercial Community Development projects include: F20 Group Farming, F20 Groups Goat milk for Nutrition and Profit, F20 Group Milking and Silos for storage of maize (FFF and local farmers).

In addition, through the associated NGO (Agronomic for Community Empowerment ACE) FFF will further express its CSR responsibilities by training young mothers and local farmers. FFF/ACE will also focus on the next generation by focusing on youth support and through its exciting project, Children’s FFF.’

FFF is actively seeking investors and donors who share these priorities. At the same time FFF will endeavor to maximize your return on investment.

Please see www.ffftanzania.comfront page FFF in BRIEF – Unique model to end Poverty.

IOP acquired its shares in FFF through funds raised for this specific purpose. It is important to note that IOP did not use its core-mission funding nor its reserves for this investment. IOP asked its supporting groups in various countries (so-called Outside Committees) to consider undertaking specific fund-raising so that IOP could build up its equity in FFF. To date, IOP Luxembourg and IOP USA have answered this call. Furthermore, the Norwegian Kavli Trust decided to support FFF through a large donation. This was used to also build up IOP equity. So IOP’s significant equity in FFF was achieved through dedicated fund raising, resulted in fresh capital for FFF and in no way diverted funds that would otherwise be used for IOP’s core mission.

The following table shows this status:

At the suggestion of UNDP FFF initiated the establishment of 2 community-based organizations (CBOs). These CBOs provide a vehicle for local stakeholders to become shareholders in FFF. The 2 CBOs are called: “Ilula Farmers Group” and “Women for the Future”. The target is that eventually each CBO will hold a maximum of 50,000 USD FFF shares each. This is in line with FFF’s core objective to develop and involve the local community with the aim to develop farming practice. UNDP are planning to support FFF through these CBOs. All funds transferred to the CBOs are used immediately and in full to purchase shares in FFF, thereby building up the equity in FFF. Recently, IOP Luxembourg became the first investor in the 2 CBOs.

FFF represents an exciting opportunity for investors who wish to see a very good return and to know that their investment is contributing to the development of the Tanzanian agricultural sector and the local community. This business plan focusses only on FFF and its current 250-hectare farm but the insightful investor will see that this is a model that, if successful, can be copied and pasted, scaled up and down and has the potential to have a profound and positive affect on the development of low income countries and the alleviation of poverty and food scarcity.

FFF has an incredibly strong management team, advisory board and board. It is led by an experienced business executive who is, like all others involved, committed to this project and its wider aims. As a direct consequence of this leadership FFF is nimble, humble and truly a learning organization. This current version of the business plan represents the changes resulting from expert advice that FFF has absorbed over the past months.

FFF enjoys the strong support of the local, district and national level government of Tanzania, the Norwegian Government, the UNDP and may others who have seen the unique opportunity that FFF represents for the people of Tanzania.

At the time of writing 145,000 shares are still for sale representing 36.25% of the company. Much of the key financing has already been made and FFF has demonstrated significant success in its first years. FFF would welcome discussing with potential investors, small and large, how we can cooperate in the future to realize our goals.


The company’s function will depend on the financial inputs acquired from the investors and shareholders. It is therefore important for the smooth operation of the company to accumulate enough start-up capital for the initial investment.


For more information on our current financial position, Find more details in About Us page.


FFF is a company that will accept individuals, groups or organizations that intend to buy a share of FFF for which the company shall issue a Share Certificate. Each shareholder will be entered into the Shareholders Register Book. Here the company will allot its shares to the Native and Foreigner shareholder subject to the following criteria;

  1. Native shareholder
    1. Tax Identity Number (TIN) issued by Tanzania Revenue Authority
    2. Any recognized Identity Card such as NIDA, National electoral Commission Card
    3. A permanent physical address and email address.
    4. Attain Age of majority.
  1. Foreigner Shareholder (natural person.)
    1. Tax Identity Number TIN issued by Tanzania Revenue Authority
    2. Passport
    3. A permanent physical address and Email address
    4. Attain Age of majority.
  1. Foreigner Shareholder (Company.)
  1. Certificate of Incorporation or registration
  2. A permanent physical address and Email address
  3. Passport ID for the director of a company or secretary (as this person will be signing on behalf of the company.)

The following are ingredients for a foreigner to acquire TIN (option)

    1. TIN application form
    2. Passport, 2 copies per each
    3. An extract from Register
    4. Business Names (Registration) Act
    5. Certification of Incorporation
    6. Estimate of tax payable by Instalments form

All forms are free from charge