2019/2020 we are supplied crop protection inputs from Tanzania crop care Limited who also advised us on proper application. 

We also procured seeds from Seedco and Monsanto. Both SeedCo, Monsanto and Balton are SAGCOT partners.

In this season we are also producing seed maize 16ha of which we have contract and we are partnering with Monsanto Company. Monsanto is supplying seeds and also providing advices on good agricultural practices.

In our operation we use the following SAGCOT partners:

Company Name: Monsanto Tanzania Ltd
Supplier Name:   Alpha Agrovate Suppliers ltd
Seed Supplied:    DK 8053, DK 9089, DK 8031

Company Name: SeedCo
Supplier name:   SeedCo
Seeds supplied:   Sc 513, Sc 403

Company Name: Yara Tanzania Ltd
Supplier name:   Yara Tanzania
Input supplied:   Fertilizers

Company Name: CORTEVA
Supplier name:   Tanzania Crop Care Ltd (TCCL)
Inputs supplied:   Chemicals