Core competencies

Growing and profitably selling high value crops requires knowledge and competence. To date FFF has benefited enormously from key advisers. However, now is the time to develop in-house knowledge and competence. FFF has already  started to recruit a seed maize production manager who will have responsibility for directing the team and making the key decisions that will result in success in this crop for FFF. This experienced person will start on the 1st of August 2020. This year 16 Hectares of seed maize was planted, increasing progressively to 60 Hectares by 2022/23 season. The same approach will be taken with macadamia with the dedicated experienced manager starting in Q2 2021 to oversee the planting of macadamia saplings on 65 Hectares. One manager for each crop is a good start but FFF is committed to build an internal competence that is best in class and resilient (e.g. not destroyed when one key staff member leaves). FFF is developing a competency development plan, that will rely on internal training and knowledge dissemination, ongoing (but reducing) reliance of advisers, partnerships with universities and other bodies. The target is to become a centre of excellence in growing and selling seed maize and macadamia